Friday, November 23, 2007

Interventions in Birth

I was reading an article in the E-News version of Midwifery Today and just had to comment. First the link, so you can read what was written:E-News 9:24 - Interventions in Birth . I find this article to be so true. Women are bombarded with the idea that they can not give birth to their own babies without intervention. Sometimes it is something so innocent (not really) as an IV...just in case we have to go to surgery, or no food...just in case you need an emergency c-section. These interventions are not innocent, becasue they send the idea to the mother that things are not going to work well for her, or her body might not respond properly. This sets her up for failure within the first 1/2 hour of arriving at the hospital. Then you have to look at the rate of induction, which is skyrocketing! Some women are set up for induction for weeks before they are even due, again setting them up for failure. I recently attended the birth of a mom, who was giving birth to her fourth. Her labors had always been manipulated in some way. We talked a lot about her ability to give birth. She had many doubts. We stood strong and continued to encourage. She delivered quickly and efficiently without anyone managing her labor! In fact it was faster than she ever dreamed possible. Our bodies will work...just the way God designed them to work. Encourage your sisters and your daughters to trust the process. We can change this craziness, one woman at a time.